Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trip to Positano, Italy (July 2017)

Along with Amalfi, Positano is one of the most visited towns in the Amalfi Coasts. We took a boat from Amalfi town to reach Positano.

As we got closer to this fabulous town, people started standing up to take photos within a short time period until the boat is docked. It was a gorgeous scenery.


Positano was tucked in a tiny bay and all shops and roads were uphills. Down at the small beach, there was nothing much to do, without sunbathing, people-watching, sipping the beer or swimming. But a golden dome of a church or a duomo as is called in Italy stood up among colorful buildings. Many buildings were built on the cliff by the beach.

We decided to climb the narrow streets up the hills to reach the road where we could catch the public bus from Positano to reach Casa Elena. The sun was strong and we were all wet with the sweat. But the scenery seen from the road was fantastic! It was a heavenly view. This Wow sense blew away the feeling of being too hot.


On the way up, of course, all narrow streets were filled with shops, restaurants, cafes and gelati parlors. Among the shops, I spotted a Korean flag. I am certain that the owner is a Korean and he or she is displaying it not out of the patriotic love but out of the desire to attract Korean tourists who appear to be everywhere we go.

But, it was another annoying experience to wait for the bus without enough shade and by the road exposed to the noise and pollution. Well... God is only fair.

But, eventually the bus came and we were able to sit down for the remainder of the trip. For that, we were grateful. We managed to get off at the right spot to return home away from home. Casa Elena. - Jeffrey

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