Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - GNI Training (July 2017)

I had a privilege of training local leadership for GNI or Good Neighbors International. It was said to be the first time training for local leadership in GNI's history. I had a full day to provide training and also to lead a workshop for group discussion.

Prior to the training day for me, I had a chance to meet with Mr. Ilha Yi, the Founder and Chairman of the Board and his wife. His wife is the elder sister of Missionary Min-Young Jung. I felt so honored to meet her and know her. It was a different feeling from meeting her husband, Mr. Lee.

The training went well and was well received, at least that is way I heard.

It is my desire and prayer that GNI will be strengthened through continuing leadership development training to achieve its goal to globalize its ministry. Globalization begins with the intent to localize the leadership, which requires leadership development training.

We celebrated the birthdays of two participants.

It was short but sweet opportunity to interact with 15 local leaders from 13 countries. I am grateful to be still useful for meaningful work.

Outside the Holiday Inn where the training took place, I found a sculpture of interest.  - Jeffrey

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