Friday, August 11, 2017

Trip to Pompei, Italy (June 2017)

The first place we stopped over was Pompei. Pompei was a city that was totally destroyed by volcanic eruption that took place in 79 A.D. and buried by volcanic ashes, as deep as 4-6 meters.

Pompei remained covered with volcanic ashes for 1500 years until 1599 A.D. when the initial excavation effort began. But serious excavation did not take place until 1748. The once-thriving city has since been substantially unearthed and has partly been restored.

Behind the city is Mt. Vesuvius that has an active volcano. Pompei was established because the land was very fertile without knowing the reason. The land had volcanic soil full of minerals and nutrition. One day, the disaster hit the city and brought it to complete destruction. Sad. I wanted to hike to the summit of this 1,281 meter high mountain to see the active volcano. But I could not find time to do so. Well... Perhaps next time.

From restored features of people who died, it must have happened suddenly without any time for people to escape from the disaster, let alone taking any preventive actions.

Excavation and restoration still continue while a lot of visitors come to see the glimpse of Pompei's glorious days.

Unfortunately, most of valuable discoveries have been moved and stored at Naples Archaeological Museum and their copies were in display. Yet, it was not too difficult to imagine how vast the city was in such an old time.

After a tour, we ate Margarita Pizza, which was invented right here in Pompei. It was simple, but delicious. Granita is fruit-flavored slush. Particularly, lemon and orange flavored slush was famous. Well, after we ate we learned that Granita is not so famous in Pompei. We look forward to trying it again in Sicily and Sorrento.

Nothing lasts forever in this world. Each day is a miracle and a blessing. - Jeffrey

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