Friday, August 11, 2017

Trip to Capri, Italy (June 2017)

Capri is an island located off the City of Naples. It is a small island with an area of 4 mile x 2 mile,
but is famous for several things, such as Blue Grotto, Capri Watch and the song Isle of Capri that was first introduced in 1934. We took a ferry from Sorrento to go to the Isle of Capri, which looked like this. The ferry was full of people, including youth that must have been missing their sleep. They were all asleep.

The island was a vacation spot for Roman emperors and later aristocrats. The entire island is covered with lime stone cliffs and rugged terrain.

I learned that Mamma Mia is Italian, meaning "What a disaster!" or "Oh my goodness!" It was the title of a song by ABBA, which later was performed as a comic musical and a movie was also made based on the musical.

The Capri island has two towns: the lower town of Capri and the upper town of Anacapri. Both towns are filled with shops, but their natures are different. The Capri town shops sell brand name products while Anacapri has artisan shops that sell products that are considered unique and artistic.

Anacapri is located on the upper part of the island. We took a bus ride tp go up the hills. From there, you can see the wide open blue ocean including the bay area that was absolutely beautiful!

Anacapri is a cute town filled with artisan shops that sell unique products. A lot of ceramic products primarily related to lemons, including Limoncello, a liquor made of lemons. Quite strong. Whew...!

Interesting was a leather sandal shop where an artisan was making your own sandal on site that is customized to your feet. Sophia Loren came to visit and make her own sandal here.

We spent a few hours up on the Anacapri and explored this cute town.

It is a sculpture. Quite real.

I saw a sculpture that depicts a man climbing up on a rope to reach the moon for his love. Hmmm...

In Anacapri, I took a chair lift to the summit of the island, called Solaro, where I could look down the entire island, including the Arched Rock. The scenery was panoramic and fabulously beautiful with the perfect combination of blue, white and green. Later I learned that we could have walked down from the top.

Faraglionic, the most iconic three rocks off the isle

We also had lunch at restaurant that the local tour guide recommended. Apparently, it is the place that attracts customers through local tour guides. It was quite busy. Foods were okay, but we enjoyed them.

In Anacapri, people looked quite relaxed and laid back.

I heard about a St. Mecally Church that has the entire floor made of tile mosaic arts, but we missed it.

Capri is a bustling town. People come and go through this town. It has a harbor where boats and yachts are anchored. Also tour boats depart from this harbor. The scenery was just fantastically beautiful and peaceful with perfect harmony of colors.

In Capri, if you want to enjoy the island with some style, you could hire an open air taxi. But you should expect to set back a bit more than the public transportation.

Blue Grotto is quite famous, but we could not get into the grotto because the water level was too high and rugged due to bad weather. Instead we took a tour of circling the island and saw several other grottos, such as White Grotto, Green Grotto. (Grotto is a natural or artificial cave nearby water that is flooded with water in high tide.) But they were not like Blue Grotto where you can enter into the grotto and enjoy the white lime stone walls and floor that shine in blue color, reflecting the sun light. It would have been a fabulous experience, but we had to skip it and settle for seeing the entrance. Oh well.

The circle tour included entering into White Grotto and Green Grotto. Also we passed by a boy statue and through an arch island.

The bout passed through a cave tunnel in one of the three rocks that are called Faraglioni, Capri's most iconic rock formations off the Capri Isle. We could not perform the kissing when the boat was passing through, which the guide said would make your wish come true. Oh well...

Faraglioni in a different angle

Capri came alive when we visited the isle. Mamma Mia... Capri~Capri~... Capri watch... Blue Grotto... I am blessed with these opportunities of traveling to the places that I have only heard about before. - Jeffrey

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