Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trip to Marsala, Sicily (July 2017)

Marsala was our next stop over after Agrigento. The City of Marsala was started by the Phoenicians who came from the current Libya and probably also Cartagena, current Tunisia. Phoenicians were better sailors than the Romans and resisted the Romans, but were eventually conquered by the Romans.

The unification of Italy regally began in Marsala and swept Sicily and continued over to Taranto and upwards. So this cute city had its own meaning in Italy's history.

Marsala has an archaeological museum. It is a small one, but has an interesting exhibition. It displays a Phoenician ship that sank into the water and its wreck, at least part of it, has been recovered. It was a rare finding and I explored the museum.

The museum itself was quite small and displays a small number of archaeological artifacts. The Phoenician ship was not as impressive as I hoped, but I was satisfied with the historical meaning of it.

I walked on the sea shore on the way to and back from the Archaeological Museum. The water was clean and clear. Sea gulls looked so peaceful.

It is a cute town and famous for its wine and sea salt. We had a snack dish with red wine. Simple but quite good. Also, we visited one of the sea salt production facilities.

The town of Marsala has its own church building and streets that are packed with shops that try to attract tourists.

Our stop over in Marsala was short but sweet. - Jeffrey

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