Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trip to Catania, Sicily (July 2017)

Catania is the second largest city in Sicily after Palermo located close to Mt. Etna, an active volcano. So, it is supposed to provide a view of Mt Etna, but we could not find a place where we could see the tallest mountain in Sicily at 3,350 meter high. Well... here is the photo taken on the way to Catania. It was fuming smokes as we were passing in a distance.

This city was not so appealing to us. The only attraction we were told interesting was a obelisk on top of an elephant. But it was a very small structure and not impressive at all.

We stopped over at a park where we saw a group of senior citizens sitting on a bench. They must be retirees, spending time with friends and neighbors. But this scene was everywhere. Probably not just Sicily but all over Italy and Europe or else where in the world. The number of senior citizens is expected to continue increasing at least for the time being. Well... we will soon be part of the statistics. I remind myself that I should not be part of the group sitting on a bench in the park.

In the middle of the city, we found a ruin that has been left preserved. But it was not appealing enough to enter. I am sure there must be things of interest.

We found a lot of Ipupis that represent puppets used for opera. They are called Puppies or Ipupi in their own languages. There are a lot of knights but others are also there.

Here is a better designed Sicily flag.

Despite the disappointment we had in the city, we enjoyed the foods. As always.

We bought cheap sandals at less than $10 and indeed they were cheap. Kris put hers on and after walking a bit, the bottom got ripped off. Oh well. What is cheap many times turns out cheap. As of now, I have not tried to put on mine yet. In fear of the same experience. - Jeffrey

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