Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trip to Korea (July/August 2017)...

I had a privilege to travel to Korea.

This time, I stayed at my mother's house in Osan. It is a bit inconvenient due to a distance, but it is good for me to spent time with my 87-year old mom. I wanted to lessen her burden by not eating lunch or dinner at home, but she served main meal for breakfast.

I had an opportunity to share the Word with the PK's whom Pastor Alex Hong is ministering. The theme was Christian in the World. I shared the Word and a little bit of my testimony. I prayed that they will find hope and rest only in the Lord and produce excellence as well as integrity in what they do wherever they are.

I participated in the first board meeting of SfK Korea on August 3. The meeting went well. Three board members agreed to inject Won10 million each so that SfK Korea may be considered a Korean company rather than a foreign company. Rev. Dongho Kim, Elder Chan Jung Kim and Prof. Wonmin Son all agreed to inject the capital. Praise the Lord!

Also, the board resolved to close the current subscription to the first BAM Fund by September 30, no matter what the amount may be. So that we may explore the possibility by investing the fund before we seek additional fund for the BAM Fund II.  More paperwork needs to be done, but we are very close to wrapping up the deal.

I got together with my family, without Mintae. I am not sure what is eating him up, but he has disconnected all relationship to us, our family. I pray that he will be faithful to the Lord no matter what his circumstances are. On another day, we also visited Chung Ah Park where my father's remains are bestowed. I was grateful that he has lived his life to bring us up to the point of independence and further interdependence.

By the way, the Korean government recognized my mother's physical strength as the first class in this certificate signed by the Minister of Culture and Sports. Wow... I was impressed. I believe her attitude of being positive and optimistic is responsible for her health. Thank God for her good health!

I met up with ministry partners or potential partners. They included Rev. Sunki Bang, Rev. Jaechul Jung, Pastor Chang Sun Moon, Min-Young Jung, Hana Lee, Soonjib Baik, Alex Hong, TaeSoo Kim, HyeSung Shin, Seung Won Lee, Rev. Dong Jin Kang. They all are precious people for whom I am deeply grateful to God.

I also spent time meeting up with friends. Agape Club friends, college friends, high school friends, H2H friends, SBS Rwanda friends, Jiyoon Shin. Friends are always wonderful to hang out with.

Whenever I travel to Korea, my main transportation is public transportation: bus and subway. Riding subway gives me a lot of benefits, such as punctuality, predictability, affordability, walking opportunity etc. Another benefit is reading poems posted at almost all stations. Here are some:

I was grateful that I had a chance to travel and also that I came back without being sick this time. It is a wonderful blessing. - Jeffrey

Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - Skybay (July 2017)

I had to make another trip to Bangkok, this time to work with Skybay Thailand.

I had a meeting with each of the businesses under incubation through Skybay Thailand. Most of the meetings went well. Some decided to participate in the SfK MBA Chiang Mai training to be held in September. I hope that they all will thrive in their endeavor to serve the Kingdom of God through businesses they have been called to.

Among them all, three relationships came to be specially interesting: New Life, Design M and His Pop. They all seem to present strong potential to be successful and effective producing impact. May the Lord bless them to be a blessing to others around them.


I also spent time with Peter Lee, CEO of Skybay Thailand to discuss about future plans now the new capital injection is almost completed. - Jeffrey

Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - GNI Training (July 2017)

I had a privilege of training local leadership for GNI or Good Neighbors International. It was said to be the first time training for local leadership in GNI's history. I had a full day to provide training and also to lead a workshop for group discussion.

Prior to the training day for me, I had a chance to meet with Mr. Ilha Yi, the Founder and Chairman of the Board and his wife. His wife is the elder sister of Missionary Min-Young Jung. I felt so honored to meet her and know her. It was a different feeling from meeting her husband, Mr. Lee.

The training went well and was well received, at least that is way I heard.

It is my desire and prayer that GNI will be strengthened through continuing leadership development training to achieve its goal to globalize its ministry. Globalization begins with the intent to localize the leadership, which requires leadership development training.

We celebrated the birthdays of two participants.

It was short but sweet opportunity to interact with 15 local leaders from 13 countries. I am grateful to be still useful for meaningful work.

Outside the Holiday Inn where the training took place, I found a sculpture of interest.  - Jeffrey

As We Finish up Trips to Tuscany... Next Time...

As we explored several Tuscan hill towns, we learned of other places to explore in Tuscany.

They include without limitation:

  • Volterra
  • Pienza
  • Cortona
  • Gubbio

  • Civita di Bagnorggio in a neighboring region
  • Chisure... famous for artichoke
  • Umbria Region has Assisi and Orvieto plus Pitigiano and Serano. Assisi is the birthplace for St. Francis who started the movement of Francescanism. Orvieto offers tombs of the Etruscan civilization. 

Tuscany and its surroundings offer a bunch of beautiful scenery, wine, cheese, pasta and other unique products and services. These attract my attention and steal my heart.

Also, I think it would be a wonderful idea to experience country villas that are offered to active farm houses trough Agri Turismo. They are working farms that offer bed and breakfast services.

Tuscany by car would also be quite attractive if you want to explore the Tuscan towns at your own pace.

Anyway, it would be another opportunity to explore or even to travelive for a while in this beautiful part of Italy. That is another hope to be put on the bucket list. - Jeffrey