Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trip to Naples, Italy (June 2017)...

Naples is Napoli or Neo Polis, meaning new city. It dates back to 2,000 B.C. It has lots of art and architecture. It is the largest city in the Naples Bay Area. It has a population of one million, but plays the central role as the hub for the region. It is a bustling and hectic city. But, people are warm and friendly.

Naples is notorious for pick-pocketing, probably the worst in the world. Naturally, Kristin and I remained alerted all the time we were in the city. Perhaps because of the alertness, we were fine.

Naples has a famous palace, National Archaeological Museum, fish market and many more, but we did not have much time to spend in Naples, but it is the transportation hub for the area and we had to pass through this city.

Our tour passed through the road that overlooked the Naples Bay. I was able to get some photos of the city and the bay.

Our tour ended in Naples and we had to walk from the port where we disembarked from the ship from Palermo, Sicily to the train station to travel to Sorrento. Also, we had to return to Naples from Sorrento to take a train to go to Rome. Many cruise ships visit this city to explore several surrounding places like Pompei, Mt. Vesuvius, Sorrento, Capri and Amalfi Coasts, as well as ferries to and fro Sicily.

We did not get to experience Naples, but we felt fortunate that we avoided any mishap in this city. Am I too nervous...? - Jeffrey