Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tae-An Peninsula (Korea) at Mother's 80th Birthday (May 2010)

[Top to Bottom and Left to Right: My parents in big laughters after exchanging "couple rings." ... All family in attendance were pictured together... The morning scene at the fishing village was quiet and beautiful ... Kristin and I were at the "Malipo" beach where we visited in 1982 before the wedding ... "Jung-Seo-Jin" means that it is the farthest western point of Korea ... Minsook, the younger of my two younger sisters is helping my parents cut the birthday cake. The little child is Eunsun, cute and smart ... The resort had a saxphone structure that added an interesting charm to the resort ... My sister, Minja and my wife, Kristin took a photo with my parent at the Malipo Beach.]

My mother's 80th birthday celebration took place at the Poonggyung Resort at Tae-An. Tae-An is a peninsula sticking out in the middle of Korea in the west, the closest point to the Mainland China. A few years ago, this place was covered with the oil spill, but it has since been restored to the current status thanks to the nationwide efforts to clean up the area. Almost all political figures and celebritieis participated in the clean-up process along with citizens, students and wives.
It was a beautiful place with a view to the Yellow Sea, which was so calm and tranquil because it has come so deeply into the inland. The ebb tide revealed the dark mud along with rocks covered by sea oysters and small crabs.

In attendence were my parents, my two sisters and the younger one's (Minsook) family and my wife. The older of the two (Minja) originally planned to have her husband and their son (Hwansuk) come, but they had to go back to Seoul after the lunch not to miss an important appointment. Since it was a 3-hour drive from Seoul, we had to pursuade him not to come all the way down.

We spent quality time together, eating a lot and playing game a lot. My mom at 80 was as young as 40 at heart and to some extent physically as well. She played ping pong with my sister and she even kicked around the soccer ball. I was so grateful for her health and strength at her age.

On Sunday, we worshiped God for His grace and provision of health until our mom reached the age of 80. Our faither was 86 years old and still going strong. Praise the Lord! Our parents exchanged their "couple rings" and cut a birthday cake. Mom looked very happy and dad looked joyous.

Korean rural areas looked so nice and neat that I was so impressed. It has been a remarkable improvement over the past several decades. Even the roads were well constructed and maintained so clean. God has been gracious to Korea and I prayed that Korea may continue to be under His gracious care. - Jeffrey

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