Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hong Kong (May 2010)

[Top to Bottom and Left to Right: Kristin in front of an old model Peak Tram ... A traditional scene of Hong Kong with a Duk Ling ship ... IFC II tower, the third tallest in the world ... Do I look like Bruce Lee? I did not think so... A sculture carved on an elephant ivory ... Kristin with the Sky Terrace at the peak ... A nigh scenery of Hong Kong Island one and two, watching the Symphony of Lights.]

My wife, Kristin and I made a quick trip to Hong Kong from May 18th through 20th, 2010. We stayed at Courtyard Marriott through the reward program.

This seemingly short stay was long enough to experience Hong Kong; its vitality, crowdedness, double deckers all over the narrow roads, steep hills, lush green mountains, skyscrappers in Hong Kong Island, dim sum, high tone voices of Hong Kong people, Stanley Market, strolling around Tsim Sa Tsui, tram rides, Peak Tram ride and looking out the Hong Kong Island and the Kowlon Peninsular, Star Ferry, MTR, airport express rail, foot massage, symphony of lights among the skyscrappers, change in the primary language (many people did not even speak English any more) etc.

We hoped and prayed that Hong Kong will remain an independent city country promoting free trade and inviting many business people/financial institutions from around the world. - Jeffrey

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