Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of Earth in Korea...(May 2010)

[Tom to bottom and left to right: A few pine trees growing on rocks ... Kristin in front of a tombstone indicating the "end of earth" ... Kristin in front of the observation tower at the summit ... A scene from the observation tower.]
Kristin and I have been to the end of the earth ... well ... of Korea. We climbed approximately 300 meters via a mono rail and at the summit we climbed another 8 floors at the observation tower. It was hazy, so we could not see very much, but nonethless it was the end of the Korean peninsula, like the Cape of Hope in Cape Town, South Africa.

On one side, we were able to see many islands scattered around the southern and western part of the peninsula. On the other side, we were able to see the beautiful bay area where many sea lives are growing.
At this place, called "Ttanggeut-village" (meaning End of Earth Village", you could see the sunrise as well as sunset.
This place called "End of Earth" is not the End of the Earth in the bible. Nonetheless, it was an experience of the "End of Earth." - Jeffrey

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