Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trip to Los Angeles (November 2016)...

After the visit to Colorado and Arizona, the next stop was Los Angeles as part of our annual home leave.

My Los Angeles trip was approximately one week, but was packed with meetings. Quite busy.

We stayed at the home of Phillip and Mindy Song as usual. Their hospitality is ever appreciated. From their home, you can see the Pacific Ocean. Ever breath-taking. We had dinner together with the Songs and the Lims, our travel companion to Spain and Portugal in 2016. Also old friends at the OMC. We celebrated the birthdays of Paul Lim and Youngja Kim, Paul's wife, which happened to fall on the same day in 2016. Great joy!

As soon as I arrived back in Los Angeles, I had dinner with James Han and his friend, Robin Lee James is a pastor and we worshipped at Immanuel Chapel together. He then was intern pastor for youth. They both had strong interest in BAM particularly for their non-profit supporting missional businesses overseas. We had a great time of fellowship together.

Kristin and I met up with SfK Kingdom Fellows over dinner that Bonnie Lee hosted. In attendance were Bonnie Lee, her husband Kangwon Lee briefly, Grace Yoo, In Kim, Jinsoo Kim, Grace Kim and her husband Dan, Kathy Cho, James Kwon. To some the meeting was the first and they had to meet each other. I shared with them where SfK Ministries has come from and where it is going.

I had breakfast meeting with John Lim, a lawyer and chairman of the board at the Council of Korean Americans (CKA), a prominent Korean American gathering. He promised to give a financial support for SfK Ministries. He also made a suggestion on how to have a better exposure of SfK Ministries to people.

I intended to hook up with Henry Kastner, but the logistics did not allow for it.

Kristin and I visited with Rev. Paul Sungjin Lim, EVP at World Mission University. We had a follow up discussion about opening up a BAM class in May 2017 when I will come to attend SfK Life board meeting. It was exciting to host a BAM class at World Mission University.

Grace Yoo invited a couple of friends, Mr. Ko and Mr. Joonyoung Bang. Mr. Ko is a retired journalist and Mr. Bang is a new Executive Director of Korean American Coalition, the oldest Korean American advocate organization. We had a great discussion about SfK Ministries and agreed to seek a way for collaboration.

I had a meeting with Albert Jang who is the managing partner at Kim and Lee CPAs, the largest Korean American CPA firm in the U.S. He is a devout Christian and we agreed to explore the possibility of collaboration in BAM.

I had a meet-up with Jikun Lim and shared with other what God is doing in our lives.

I had a meeting with Kathy Cho and her friends Mina Chun and James Kwon. Kathy talked about NIX Development and NIX Logistics. We also talked about making Korean Webpage and updating English Webpage of SfK Ministries.

I had a surprise occasion to attend the wedding ceremony for Pyung Ku Lee's daughter. It was thrilling to see him and his wife again. Also, I had a brief meet-up with Seung Yong Lee, a college classmate who is now living in Los Angeles. It is always joyful to see old friends.

Kristin and I lived in Los Angeles for almost 14 years in the 1980's and early 1990's. So this city on the wheel remains a perpetual home in our hearts. The sunset on the West Coast was as always just beautiful. - Jeffrey

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