Friday, February 17, 2017

Trip to Dallas, Texas (November 2016)...

The highlight of our annual home leave is obviously seeing our daughters. It has been a while since we got together as a family over the Thanksgiving or Christmas. So this year, we wanted to restore this family tradition. In 2016, we agreed to hold it in Dallas where Amanda lives.

Amanda is now in transition. She is in the process of joining Air Force Reserve as Captain. As reservist, she does not have to work full time, but she can still benefit from all medical insurance available to military serviceman. Currently she is working at a bar as a waiting staff. Not a good job for an Air Force captain... It is understandable that she wanted to earn more income to get by now, but I hope she would not think of it as a job that has any permanence to it.

Joyce is interested in going back to school, a graduate school to study specialty in marketing, particularly customer experiences. She has her job title changed now to Senior User Experience Strategist. Whatever it means. So she hopes to be admitted to a school in 2017.

Thanksgiving Dinner in 8 years.... Kristin together with Amanda cooked turkey, pumpkin pie, creamed corn, stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes and spring beans wrapped in bacon. Also they prepared fruits, such as persimmon, pear, apple and oranges. It was a feast! I was so grateful that we restored this family tradition and I was so glad to see them with a big smile.

We watched a movie Fantastic Beasts, a spin-off movie of Harry Porter as another writing of JK Rowling. Joyce picked a movie theater called Alamo Theater that was equipped with comfortable seats with a table and that caters to serve upscale movie theater goers. It was a unique experience. Earlier we had early dinner at SMOKE where we ate smoked beef brisket sandwiches. It was a delicious dish. We also dropped by H-Mart for Kristin to buy a kettle and a post office to send mails.

Christine Chung is a former teacher at KCPC in Denver and is now married to Howie Cha. They have two little children (Peyton and Preston). We had dinner together with her family and her mom. Christine is a pharmacist and Howie is a financial professional working for a global realtor company. Both could be wonderful Kingdom Fellows.... Lord willing.

We spent time together with Amanda and Joyce on Saturday... We went to visit Nasher Sculpture Center in downtown Dallas. We found many interesting artworks in the garden as well as inside although the collection was not so many. We also visited Dallas Museum of Art where we saw sculptures in the garden and a few other exhibitions. We found more artworks here than Nasher for free.

After touring two art centers, we picked up Kristin who stayed at the hotel due to her not feeling well and went to visit The Reunion Tower. What is famous about this tower is its height of 470 feet from the ground and the fact that the cafe and restaurant floors revolve around the tower: one circle in aproximately 45 minutes. The elevator took 68 seconds to the Geo Deck where we could see the city of Dallas from above. Flying Red Horse or Pegasus statue represented Magnolia Hotel. Nearby was JFK Memorial Center and Old Museum.

Dallas is a city of highways, but the junctions look like spaghetti noodles due to their complex entanglements. Yet, the traffic jam seems to be quite bad during rush hours.

We worshiped at Global Harvest Church, a spin-off from New Song Church. Jon Choi, the senior pastor, was on a sabbatical leave. Approximately 200 people were attending the worship service most of whom seemed to be in their 30-40's and some even 50's. After the worship, we had lunch at Terra, a Mediterranean buffet, together with Christine and Howie's family including two adorable children.

I had dinner with Rev. Youngki Min who is finishing up his doctorate degree in Theology at the Dallas Theological Seminary. We served together for Project BGAN.

I also had a get-together with Colene Caldwell whom I originally met in Rwanda. She is still teaching at Baylor University although she plans to retire soon. She is committed to BAM and has been coaching BAM practitioners with business management skills. I also met up with Sokki Kang who worked at Shinhan Bank America Georgia before.

Overall, our visit to Dallas was extremely pleasant, thrillingly joyous and significantly productive. Praise the Lord! - Jeffrey

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