Friday, February 17, 2017

Trip to Bangkok (December 2016)...

I ended up traveling to Bangkok twice in December 2016. Once to talk about BAM at Korean Missionary Association in Thailand (KMAT) annual conference in Pattaya and the other to attend the opening ceremony of Bonjuk Cafe.

The KMAT conference was an opportunity of meeting new people, such as Joonhyung Cho, but a joyous reunion with a lot of old friends, such as Jongpyo Im, Namsoon Kim, Seunggeun Choi, Younggyu Sang, Jinho Hwang. I am not sure how much I conveyed in an hour, but let the Holy Spirit speak to them. Peter Lee accompanied me throughout the session.

I also made a two-day trip to attend the opening ceremony of Bonjuk Cafe and to meet up with the leadership team of Bonjuk: Bokyi Choi, CEO and Kyungja Kim, Corporate Pastor for Bonjuk. Rev Kim is also handling day to day operations of Bonjuk's overseas missions. Both the ceremony and the meeting went well. We will see what the Lord has in mind.

I am sure I will make a lot of trips to Bangkok even in the future. - Jeffrey

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