Friday, April 24, 2015

Trip to Thailand (March 2015)

I made a trip to Bangkok, Thailand in March 2015.

The primary purpose of this trip was to give a series of lectures at Thailand BAM Academy hosted by Thailand Miracle Company or TMC. TMC is a business incubation center, focusing on helping BAMs. It is the first of its kind in the BAM world, as far as I know, and I am keenly interested in supporting them to be successful.

Pastor Harry Kim, Elder Kyongsup Kwon and Pastor Jae Chul Chung (Asia Mission) also participated in leading the three-day academy. 20 or so participants came from all over Thailand, including Chiang Mai, and a few from Korea. As always, it is encouraging to meet up with people of God who share the same vision and mission for His Kingdom. Harry Kim gave three lectures and I also gave three lectures.

What was noteworthy was meeting Pastor Tae Hyoung Kim, who was a full time pastor, but is now leading a mobile application development company for the Kingdom purpose. I have agreed to personally coach Mr. Kim as he has shown significant potential to develop as a businessman. His magnetic and pleasant personality also demonstrates his high level of relational competency.

I also met with Mr. Joon Kyu Kim who is leading a group of people, estimated at 400, in Korea, to raise funding to support poor children overseas in Asia and Africa. He was a sports dancer and a producer of dancing arts and most of his supporters are also professional artists. It is encouraging to meet up these like-minded people who are eager and glad to work for His Kingdom.

We took a day out to visit a floating market that is supposed to be the largest one in Bangkok. We also visited an elephant village where you could ride well-tamed Asian elephants. In late afternoon and in the evening, we hung out at a pier, called Asiatique, full of restaurants and cafes to look around.

We got to experience delicacies of Bangkok thanks to Pastor Harry Kim's picky taste for foods.

On the way back from Korea to Rwanda, I stopped over at Bangkok again to spend time with the TMC members. Thailand Miracle Company members are so precious with passion for Christ and enthusiasm to serve His Kingdom. May God bless them!

Jiwon Lee, Junghoon Hong, HG Lee, Jihyun Min, Oh couple

Overall, it was a blessing for me to be part of this Thailand BAM Academy and of good use for His Kingdom and His people.

- Jeffrey 

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