Friday, April 24, 2015

Trip to Korea (April 2015)

At Yonsei Campus with the Main Building and the Underwood Statue
After visiting Thailand and Philippines, I extended my trip to visit Korea. Obviously, I wanted to see my parents even for a short time, but I also saw my friends and gave a few lectures.

First of all, we had a family reunion with my siblings, their children and my parents. This was the first time in a long time to get together with my younger brother, Min Tae, along with his children. His daughter, Youngae also brought her fiancee. They plan to get married this year. Minja and Minsook also came with their husbands and their children. What a blessing to get together as a family! Unfortunately I was the only one from my family, but I was happy to be with them. I am sure my parents also enjoyed the time together.
My extended family
Youngae, my niece, and her fiance
Secondly, I gave lectures at KOICA Head Office, Handong Global University and KDI School of International Policy and Management. The topics were ODA + Finance, Microfinance and Development and Innovative Solutions to International Development, respectively, but the contents were pretty much the same with a slightly different perspective. It is always a blessing to be able to share what I know with others. I hope some people took advantage of the presentations.
Lecture at KOICA H.O.

With Sungeun Choi, Hyojung Lee and Sangkeup Lee
With Professor MS Doh and cheery blossom
Handong Global University Campus
HGU Faculty Worship
Former Rz Manna staff
KDI School of International Policy and Management
Lecture at KDI School
Professor Booyuel Kim and his wife and the youngest child
Thirdly, I attended the wedding of the son of Pyung Ku Lee, one of my best friends. I saw many college friends. But what was more fun was to participate in a monthly golf outing for my college friends. It was so much fun to play golf with my old friends after 40 some years. Amazing. Many got really old. I am sure I may have looked that old also.

Fourthly, I also saw many other friends, including Agape friends (YD Suh, Jinbae Park, Namhyun Kim, Doojin Ahn, Hyun Chan Bae plus several others), Jun Kim, Joon Kyu Kim, Myung Ken Lee, Dowoon Lee, M. Jae Moon, Gunshin Lim, Hyo Jung Lee, Dong Hwa Kim, Matthew Jung,
Agape Club friends
Seafood Dish with Jun Kim

Y D Suh and his wife
Heon Lee at Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong
Joon Kyu Kim (far right) and his friends at Heart to Heart
Fifthly, we held an off-line SBS get-together in a cafe. A dozen people participated and it was so encouraging to see young people who are making conscious efforts to living a godly life. Participants were Jihyun, Sunghye, Hayan, Sungeun, Jooheum, Sangmin, Isaac, Youngsup, Jonghak, Jaejoon. I sincerely pray for their continued growth in faith and godliness.
SBS gathering at Hapjung

Sixthly, I visited Mokpo, where I was born, and saw medical and dental professionals who regularly visit Rwanda to serve Rwandans. Also, I got to see a couple of my high school friends after 40 some years. It was a pleasant surprise to see them, but the world was small. I also took a day trip down to Sacheon with my high school friends, Myung Gyu and Gilyong to see Young Soo. We were a group of friends who got together regularly while we were attending the same high school. The short but sweet reunion gave us a lot of nostalgia.
With Dr. Haegyun Park and Dr. Seunggon Yang
Dr. Park's Korean traditional house
With Dr. HS Cho, my friend since primary school
With Mr. SJ Jun, a high school class mate
Gilyong Choi, MyungGyu and Youngsoo at Sacheon

Seventhly, I also saw many fellow Kingdom workers, including Pastor Dongho Kim, Pastor Sunki Bang, Pastor Harry Kim and Elder Kyongsup Kwon over breakfast at Marriott. I also met up with Seung Won Lee and Yeun Kang, Shinick's daughter. I had a great fellowship with Missionary Matthew Jung and Donghwa Kim, CEO of GMF at one of the traditional tea houses at Baek Woon Lake. I attended a worship service at a house church ministered by Harry Kim and their welcome was warm and their fellowship was great, specially the flood of sea food!
Harry Kim, Kyongsup Kwon, me and Dongho Kim
A traditional tea house

Seafood, seafood, seafood!!!

One of  the exciting benefits that I had in this trip was to stay at Bon World House, a housing sponsored by Bon Juk to assist the returning missionaries for a temporary shelter. It was a studio apartment and cost me less than $10 a night. God bless them and their businesses so that they may become greater blessing to many others! - Jeffrey

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