Friday, April 24, 2015

Trip to the Philippines (March 2015)

With Elder and Mrs. Jang
After the Thailand BAM Academy, I had a chance to visit Manila, the Philippines for the first time in my life.

The primary purpose of this visit was to spend time with Elder Jae Jung Jang, a former marine ship captain and now a successful businessman owning and managing several businesses in the Philippines. He is a man of faith and also a member of BAM Academy.

I participated in a fund-raising golf tournament to support the Uni Sorok Foundation. Uni Sorok Foundation supports various activities and programs for former patients of Hansen disease, including a self-supporting village, economic development skills training and education. It was unfortunate that I did not have time to visit the village.

I also participated in a street church program, started 17 years ago by Pastor Song, now in his 70's, and supported by Elder Jang, which now serves up to 600 members who are all homeless and living on the streets. I was humbled and inspired by Pastor Song's dedication and all other volunteers who are sparing their time and talents in serving them. Elder Jang and I also participated in handing out breads along with Christian tracts on the streets in Manila.
Pastor Park, the successor, Pastor Song

Volunteers preparing for lunch

A Filipino doctor

Elder Jang and I gave a lecture to a group of Christian marine school graduates who will soon set sailing on ships. Missionary Jung has been teaching and training them for the past several years and now bearing many fruits all over the ocean. Each student is sent to a ship, signifying a church, to serve them not necessarily by the Word but by humble and sacrificial service to the fellow seamen. I talked about Good Steward's Financial Management for their better financial stewardship.

Rev. Dr. Lee, CEO of a retreat center and Elder Jang
I also consulted with Mr. Jinsu Kim, CEO of IT Corea, a financial platform to clear electronic payment transactions via mobile phone, G Cash, and VISA cards. They have secured several valuable tools to generate revenues if they are run properly.

Overall, my visit to Manila was short but sweet. I experienced the diversity and outgoing nature of the Filipinos and their conviction of the role to play in the end times according to God's grand salvation plan. I was grateful for the opportunity to visit Manila and for Elder Jae Jung Jang who welcomed me and shared a lot with me. His hospitality was greatly appreciated. We would stay in touch. - Jeffrey

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