Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trip to Saltzburg, Austria (June 2016)

Kristin and I have a fond memory of Saltzburg. It is a birthplace of the famous composer Mozart and the place where the famous movie "The Sound of Music" was filmed. While we came for vacation for almost 20 years ago with our little children staying at a timeshare in Maria Alm, Austria, we spent most of time in Saltzburg and Innsbrook.

Kristin and I had another opportunity to stop by Saltzburg in June 2016. It was a quick trip, but we managed to walk up to the fortress, called Hohensaltburg Fortress, which once was known to be the strongest in Europe. The hike was not too difficult, but found the fortress was quite difficult for anyone to attack, let alone conquer.

The most fascinating aspect of the visit to the fortress was the panoramic view at the top which was breath-taking. The view includes not only the town, including Saltzburg Cathedral, but also the Salzach River and a snow-capped Alps mountain. Ahhhh...

At a small plaza by the Saltzburg Cathedral, we could find several street artists. A small fountain that imitated Trevi Fountain in Rome made a wonderful harmony with the fortress in the backdrop. A man standing on a golden chocolate ball or golden ball (Does it signify the Mozart ball?) stood out in the plaza.

Austria remains at the top of the list of my favorite countries for its Alps, valleys, green scenery, clean air, flower-decorated homes, music, art, and of course Edelweiss. "... every morning you greet me... small and white..." I kept humming the song, remembering the last scene of the Captain Georg von Trapp's family and Maria (Julie Andrews) escaping from Austria.

Saltzburg is never boring and ever charming. - Jeffrey

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