Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trip to Kotor and Budva, Montenegro (June)

Montenegro is a small country with a population of less than a million. Its geographical land is 13,800 sq. km, a little bigger than Rwanda, already a tiny country in Africa.

Montenegro used to be part of Yugoslavia Federation. It stayed with Serbia until the last minute and was able to secure independence 20 years ago without war, unlike other neighboring nations.

We visited the Bay of Kotor, Town of Kotor and Budva Beach.

Kotor:    The Bay of Kotor is the deepest part of Adriatic Sea and its shape looks like a fjord, but in fact it is a ria or a submerged river canyon. To drive the winding coastline was picturesque.

On the way to the Town of Kotor, a small capital of Kotor Municipality, we saw one natural island and one artificial island. The natural island is St. George Island and the artificial island is Our Lady of Rocks Island. The artificial island was completed in 1630 after 200 years of sailors diligently throwing rocks into the site to commemorate dead captains and sailors.

Town of Kotor is another UNESCO heritage site. Its location is strategic militarily with a rugged mountain in the back and water in the front. The town of less than 20,000 people is surrounded by a fortified city wall. Inside the city wall are historic landmarks including a Baroque-style cathedral built in 1166.

Budva:    We had a high hope for swimming at the Budva beach, but it was quite disappointing. Sand was scarce and beach was narrow. Moreover, we saw a fresh water flowing into the sea and the color was pretty opaque. No! I was not prepared to get my body into the water. We may have missed the city's real beach as shown else where, but what we found was not enticing at all. Instead, we enjoyed our seafood lunch.
We did not get to see this type of beach on our visit...

On the way back, we saw a marine dock where many boats and yachts were parked. The excursion turned out to be more expensive than expected. Well... We still experienced this tiny Balkan nation. - Jeffrey

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