Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trip to Los Angeles, USA (May 2016)...

After a week-long visit to Korea, I traveled to Los Angeles, California. The primary purpose of this trip was to hold the first in-person board meeting for SfK Life and to dedicate SfK Ministries to the Lord.

I was glad to spend time with In S. Kim and his church pastor, Daeho Yu. I stayed at the Healing Center, the missionary housing of the God's Family Church. I also spent time with Jinsoo Kim, my wife's cousin.

SfK Life board members met in person for the first time over Korean dinner. We are a group of interesting characters, but started jellying well.

On Saturday, SfK Life board held a strategic planning session in the morning and the regular quarterly board meeting in the afternoon. In the evening, we dedicated SfK Ministries to the Lord and His Kingdom. A total of 42 people participated in the dedication service. Dr. Neal Johnson keynoted the service and Rev. Dongho Kim sent us a congratulatory video. We all were blessed and challenged.
With Neal and Diana

Neal Johnson 
Board Members with Neal Johnson
Kingdom Fellows
All participants

We had lunch with Sunnie Kim and Young Shim at Morton's. Young's enthusiastic offer to help was encouraging.

Also, I had dinner with Tom and Lita, a dentist couple, who started His Hand on Africa ministry focusing on Rwanda. Kristen also joined us to ask Joyce about Peacecorps since she signed up for Peacecorps and is scheduled to be dispatched to Uganda in November.

I met with Brian Chun over breakfast, who is a BAM practitioner focusing on Haiti. It is always encouraging to meet like-minded people.

After the dedication service, I hung out with Joyce for a couple of days, Sunday and Monday. We visited Museum of Jurasic Technology and Los Angeles Country Museum of Art. The visits were quuire interesting thanks to Joyce's interest in art and curious stuff. - Jeffrey

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