Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trip to Korea (May 2016)...

After a 6-week long trip to Thailand, my next trip was to Seoul, Korea. Kristin and I stayed at her aunt's condominium in Yongsan.

I had a schedule packed with meetings: meetings with Dr. Wonmin Sohn to discuss about setting up SfK Korea and BAM Fund, Donghwa Kim and Matthew Jung to discuss about various matters related to creative missions, SBS members to talk about SfK Ministries, M. Jae Moon, Dowoon Lee and Heon Lee to catch up, YoonDuk Suh, Namhyun Kim and Inheung Kim to meet up and catch up, Jangsik Shim to talk about various economic matters and lending license in Korea, Sung Soo Kim to talk about collaboration in Tanzania, John Chae of Binchae to talk about potential collaboration on BAM, Daniel Ian (a missionary to Myanmar) to talk about collaboration in Asia, Panshik Shin to talk about trip to Croatia and Eastern Highlights, Heart to Heart leadership to have dinner and watch Celo Concert, Youngjun Kim to catch up, Ilha Lee (GNI CEO) and his staff to talk about potential collaboration on managing community development funds throughout GNI network, Harry Kim and BAM colleagues to talk about BAM, Jae Chul Jung to discuss about potential collaboration and Jinsol Hwang to discuss about potential collaboration.

SBS members at Hug In Cafe
With Matthew Jung and Donghwa Kim
With Minja Lee, my younger sister
John Chae, Chairman of Binchae Foundation
Heon Lee, Dowoon Lee, M. Jae Moon
With M. Jae Moon, Yonsei University Professor
Daniel Ian and his wife (Myanmar)
With Jinsol Hwang, CEO of The Bridge
Harry Kim, Seungwon Lee, Daniel Lee, Wonseok Lee, Changsun Moon
Thanks to the Heart to Heart leadership, Kristin and I had an opportunity to visit Seoul Art Center for the first time and watched a Celo Concert. Deborah Kang, one of Heart to Heart members, played a violin along with a 9-member Celo Ensenble.

The most significant meeting among them all was with Rev. Dongho Kim who agreed to serve as the chairman of the board of directors of SfK Korea. It is greatly encouraging to serve the Lord and His Kingdom together with him.

Obviously, the most meaningful time spent was with my mom and my younger brother on the parents' day. Kristin and I visited my father who passed this world to be with the Lord in January 2016. We later met with my mom and my brother at a restaurant in Hapjung, Mapo.

I had an interview with CGN TV. Personally, I do not enjoy receiving the media attention, but I did it to introduce SfK Ministries.

I gave a 2-hour lecture at Onnuri Professional Mission School (OPMS) for the 6th cohort. - Jeffrey

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