Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hangout with Joyce in San Francisco, CA (September 2015)...

Kristin and I visited San Francisco for a few days in September primarily because Joyce is living and working there. She is working for a web-based health care start-up in S. F. city and living in Oakland.  
San Francisco is a beautiful city to begin with, but it is too big to explore fully in a few days. We set our goal to focus primarily on hangout with Joyce.

On Saturday, we drove down to Half Moon Bay. It is famous for many but we liked visiting a cactus (succulent) nursery, a pumpkin yard, art and craft shops. In a long while, we enjoyed the fall season and the fall colors. We ate lunch at Moss Beach Distillery Restaurant. The foods and views were equally stunning. After lunch we strolled in a park filled with thin and tall trees on top of the cliff looking over the ocean. Panoramic and amazingly beautiful! But, we liked and enjoyed the fresh smell of the trees in the park, along with the companionship we particularly enjoyed. We drove back to San Francisco passing by Pacifica. It was cute, but we liked Half Moon Bay far more.

Clearly the fall sky...

Like father
Like daughter
Split butt cactus...
Corn with the fall sky
Which one to pick...?
Mother and daughter walking along in the park
Moss Beach Distillery Restaurant
Stunning view...

In San Francisco, we drove through the famous Lombard Street that is a short but winding street decorated with flower gardens and cute houses. Obviously, we were tourists.
Lombard Street
After that, we went to explore another touristic place called Exploratorium. It was not exactly for adults, but parents with young children for their scientific and natural exploration, Nonetheless, we entertained our curious minds for a while.  were  Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Alcatraz etc. We dined at Ramen Shop, Moss Beach Distillery Restaurant and Oh's Korean Restaurant.
Ferry Tower
Exploratorium entrance
What do you see...? At Exploratorium
On the way to Sausalito
Alcatraz with S.F. in the background

We had a great time. Only it was too short. Until the next time, Ciao! - Jeffrey

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