Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hangout with Amanda and James in Destin, Florida (October 2015)...

Kristin and I drove down from Atlanta, GA to Destin, Florida where Amanda and James live and work. We stayed at a hotel close to Amanda's house.

On the day we arrived, October 3, Amanda took us out to dinner celebrating my birthday a few days in advance. It was a lovely dinner at Fleming's. The chef, Amanda's friend, was exceptionally nice to us with free appetizer, free desert and chocolates. What a treat! I thoroughly enjoyed.

We walked around at  the Destin Seafood Festival and indulged ourselves with food, crafts and beautiful harbor scenery. On another day, we drove around the beach towns covered with white sand and strolled in a garden park. We dined at a famous Marina Cafe with a panoramic view of the harbor.

Fash Taco on the Red Truck... Excellent!
Too many options...

James and Kristin at Kodak moments

Kristin did a little shopping at the outlet stores. Destin is a touristic city and full of restaurants and shops. Ports are packed with boats and sea birds that are gathering for free food. The city attracts many visitors from the surrounding states, including Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and even Tennessee. No wonder so many people even during the off-season! The streets were full of people.

James and Amanda invited us to their home and James demonstrated how to use his sophisticated cooking grill to cook delicious Korean short rib, prawns and asparagus grilled on it.

A sophisticated barbecue grill James is proud of

They have two dogs and one piglet as their pets. That is right! A piglet. It does not grow big, but it is still a pig. They are adorable, but I was hoping that they would not like their pets too much and I wish Amanda and James would have their own children sooner rather than later. But it is their decision.

James with Saul.
On the final day, I took a pose on a Harley bike, which belongs to a friend of James, but ended up with a burn on my right leg, which has not been healed even after three weeks! Yikes and ouch! A costly mistake! Nonetheless, it was fun.

On a Harley... with a burn on my right calf... Ouch!
Kristin and I were happy to see them living in a decent area, compared to Clovis, New Mexico, where the largest building was a supermarket. Our visit to Destin was delightful! - Jeffrey

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