Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trip to the U.S. (May 2012)

Our family reunion on Mother's Day
As part of our annual leave, we went back to the U.S. for several reasons.

  • We had a family reunion with Amanda and James, and Joyce on Mother's Day. We all rejoiced!
  • We had a medical and dental check-up. We both received a clean bill of health. Wonderful!
  • We saw our church friends, including Chuck and Eunice, Mike and Jamie, Lim and Jennifer, Joe and Annie, and shared how God has been working through us.
  • We spent time with Joyce to prepare her for her upcoming trip in June to Senegal as a Peace Corps volunteer. We visited Storm King Art Center in upstate New York as Joyce wanted. Storm King Art Center had 120 or more giant sculptures collected from around the world in a land of 500 acres. I never knew of such a place! 
  • We saw Mr. and Mrs. Jay Yoon and Mr. and Mrs. Jaesup Choi over lunch. Mr. Yoon and Mr. Choi are my companions on the Kilimanjaro climbing. Once a Kilimanjaro climber, forever friends! 
  • We saw Dr. S. C. (name disguised for a security reason) to catch up with what is happening in her ministry in North Korea. Her he
  • We saw Mr. Yeunho Suk over dinner.
  • We each saw our own friends in different occasions.
  • We visited Kristin's mom several times sharing with her how good God is. She looked healthier and happier than last year. We thanked the Lord.
  • I attended a week-long HOPE leadership summit in Lancaster, PA.
  • We had to take care of our tax return.
  • We had to secure various supplies that we will need for another year.
  • I had to take care of bank matters and my driver's license.
Hope Leadership Summit
With Chuck and Eunice

Jonah the musical

Mennonite women

New York City

With the Yoons and Chois
Wow... it was a great experience although not much travel was involved. - Jeffrey

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