Monday, May 7, 2012

Trip to Brugge, Belgium (April, 2012)

A surprise fire cracker for Kris
Brugge flag at the Markt Square
Choco-Story Museum

Made of chocolates...
Fries Museum
An old man performing
This is also made of chocolate
On April 25, 2012, Kristin and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary in Brugge, Belgium. Brugge could be spelled also as Bruges. It is pronounced differently also, but I will leave it there for now.

Brugge is one of the Venice of the North cities, along with Amsterdam and Berlin. It is a city on water.

Brugge is a city on the water
Belgium is famous for its chocolates. We could not skip our visit to the Choco-Story Museum.  We saw several sculptures that were made of chocolates. Unbelievable!
Antwerpen Station Clock
Antwerpen Station from below
We also learned that French Fries originated from Belgium when a French-speaking Belgian solider gave his Belgian friets to an American soldier during the World War II. The American solider thought the Belgian soldier was a French and called the friets "French Fries." So the bottom line is that France has nothing to do with French Fries. Hmmmm...

We sat in for a free harp concert. An old man performed with excellence with his classic harp as well as Celtic harp. He looked very elegant.

From Brugge to Amsterdam, we took a train and we had to change the train at Antwerpen Station in Belgium. This station had four stories of platforms. Quite impressive.

On the train to Amsterdam, we had an incident of theft that however God miraculously turned into an opportunity to reveal His goodness and power. We got our backpacks placed on the train racks stolen near Schiphol Airport. It made us panic because the back pakcs had all our assets, including all cash, credit cards, computers and even my wife's passport, plus everything else. The thieves were caught in a city called den Haag or The Hague beyond our knowledge or imagination. What is amazing is that we recovered everything, even cash!!! It was God's intervention and a miracle that demonstrated God's unlimited power if He wants anything done. We humbly and gratefully confessed our little faith and pledged our faith in Him again. Praise the good and faithful Lord for His abundant grace for ever and ever!

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- Jeffrey

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