Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Trip to Korea (March 2017)...

The primary purpose of this short trip I made to Korea (March 13-18) was to celebrate God's grace in allowing SfK Ministries to establish SfK Korea and SfK BAM Fund I. Almost 100 people attended this celebration and we all were blessed and encouraged by His grace and by each other. A TV talent Won Hee Kim MCed the event and the saxophonist Gwang Sik Park came to perform during the service. Also, a photographic artist Hyun Ah Kwon gladly took still photos for the event. Great photos! Thanks to them all!

Please click here for more details on this celebration.

I also had a brainstorming session with William Son, COO for SfK Korea and Sam Hwan Kim, Managing Director for PPL Foundation and Hwan Chul Yoon, Secretary General for Future Foundation. Rev. Dong Ho Kim is chairing the boards of both foundations. We did not come up with any concrete ways for collaboration, but we agreed to stay in touch.

Even during this short time, however, I also had fellowship with my mother and some friends.

Mother's breakfast was always like a big dinner table. Her love can never be measured fully.

The breakfast gathering hosted by Elder Kyoung Sup Kwon always draws a lot of interesting people, such as Harry Kim, Chang Sun Moon, Seung Won Lee, Hyesung Shin and even Jae Jung Jang from the Philippines. We had a great time of fellowship.

I spent time with Pastor Mingey Hong with some children of pastors who are struggling with their small church congregations. I agreed to speak to them on July 31st. We had Ddeok Bokki and Bokkeunbob afterwards. Always dilicious!

I spent some time with Professor M. Jae Moon, Yonsei University's Underwood Distinguished Professor after having breakfast meeting with Rev. Dong Ho Kim and William Son for mutual introduction. The contemporary history museum was quite interesting and the view of the Blue House, President's resident, along with the Mt. Bukhan and Gyungbok Palace was stunning.

I was invited to a dinner at the house of Dr. Jinho Lim and his lovely wife Jiin and a beautiful daughter Yoonah. They lived in Rwanda for three years and were part of the Nanuri Community. Both of them agreed to get involved in SfK Ministries. We will see what God has in store for them and SfK Ministries.

One of the fun I have taking Seoul's subways is to glance at the poems that are posted on the safety walls at the subway stations. Once in a while, I find a poem or two that draws my attention. Here is one I found moving my heart.

It was unfortunate that I did not get together with my own siblings and close friends. But Yoon Duk Suh came to attend the event with other Agape friends and Pyung Ku Lee came also with Jang Sik Shim. Joonhan and Myung Kyu also came. I was grateful.

I am sure we can find some other time. - Jeffrey

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