Monday, September 26, 2016

20 Tips for the Mindful Traveler...

The following article first appeared on Uncornered Market, written by Daniel Noll. It was insightful. So I am posting in this blog only the headings, but I also included the link below for those who are interested in reading the full article.
1. Avoid drive-by tourism.

2. Enjoy being still.

3. Seek more to engage than to escape.

4. Ask: What did I impact and how?

5. Seek to participate, rather than simply to consume.

6. Consider every travel experience as a context for education and learning.

7. Travel with an eye to depth, rather than breadth.

8. Choose interdependence, too.

9. Think itinerary-light or itinerary-free.

10. Cultivate an inner sense of care and stewardship.

11. Deepen the process of reflection.

12. Bring it home.

13. Satisfaction as your talisman, rather than happiness.

14. Embrace simplicity, leave room for nuance.

15. Aim for connection.

16. Re-orient the bucket list.

17. Understand everyone has something to share.

18. Journal your gratitude.

19. Use gratitude to encourage a sense of vesting in the world.

20. Know that this is a human exercise.

Click here for the full article.

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