Saturday, April 19, 2014

Trip to Denver (March 2014)

Beautiful... isn't it?
After the trips to Jordan and Egypt, we flew to Denver. Unfortunately I left my Day-Timer and a notebook on the plane, thus losing all notes, credit cards, important information and some cash. They never came back. We were physically too tired to remember that I put them into the seat pocket. Painful loss.

We stayed in Denver for a week but it was a busy week.

The day we arrived, Denver was covered with snow. Yeap! White snow. Something we do not get to see in Rwanda. It melted away soon when the sun came out, but we enjoyed the beautiful moment.

Both of us received physical and dental exams. We also had colonoscopy performed. Some polyps removed and we were advised to take the next one in three years. I had a little high cholesterol level and Kristin was diagnosed to have a pre-diabetic state. Something to watch out for. Other than those, we received a clean bill of health.

As usual, we bought our food supplies from COSTCO. Essential items only.

On the day we arrived, Chuck and Eunice invited us to have dinner with Pastor Alex, LCC's new pastor. The fellowship was great, but the food was even greater at The Crawling Crab. Foods were poured on top of the table and we used our gloved hands to eat them. Delicious!

Chuck and Pastor Alex

Fresh oysters...


On March 12, we celebrated Kristin's birthday. I invited three other couples as a surprise to Kristin. Nostalgic dining at Il Fornaio.
Happy birthday~

How old are you now?

Jeffrey, Bobby, Chuck and Mike

Hyunju, Eunice, Sammy and Kristin

We also dined at different restaurants eating delicacy such as sushi, pho, Chinese dishes, Korean BBQ etc. Yummy. Unfortunately, only one photo for pho. 
Pho Bowlevard... creative...

After Denver, we traveled to Korea and on the way back we stopped over in Los Angeles. We stayed one night in Denver before we returned to Rwanda and it was a blessing to us because we were able to meet and fellowship with LCC-supported missionary to Cambodia Mr. Kim and his wife. 
With Missionary Kim's wife at far right

We visited our Dorado home probably for the last time before we sell it. Its exterior looked fine, but apparently the interior has deteriorated a bit. We have owned the house and lived in it on and off for the past 16 years or so. I hope that it will find a new owner who will take better care of it than we.
10746 E. Dorado Avenue, Englewood, CO 80111

After selling this house, our home may not be Denver or Colorado any more, but our heart will always be in Denver because our sending church is here. Always joyful and encouraging trip to Denver. - Jeffrey

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