Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trip to Mombasa, Kenya (October 2013)...

Kristin and I made a trip to Mombasa, Kenya. The main purpose was for Jeffrey to attend Opportunity International's CEO Conference. Jeffrey was tied up in the conference, but Kristin was able to explore the city market a bit.

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya with the population of approximately one million and the major port city for Kenya. It competes with Dar es Salam in Tanzania for incoming and outgoing ocean cargoes. Because of its importance as the major port facing the Indian Ocean, it has been occupied by many countries by Oman, Portugal and Britain, until 1963 since which Kenya has kept it under its control.

Also, Mombasa is a tourism destination. Many inland people, including neighboring countries, come to Mombasa for their vacation. It has white sand beaches protected by barrier reefs and its weather is tropical.

Here are some of the photos taken in Mombasa. - Jeffrey

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