Saturday, December 15, 2012

Trip to Zanzibar... (October/November 2012)

Zanzibar is an island, currently part of Tanzania. I have been there before, but I did not stay at the beach last time.

This time, we stayed at a resort on the eastern part of Zanzibar: Melia. Opportunity International Africa/Eastern Europe CEO Conference took place here and it was a golden opportunity for Kristin and me to revisit Zanzibar.

Moreover, we were given a free upgrade to a bungalow that was located right at the beach overlooking the Jetty Lounge, a twin hut over the water off the shore. A beautiful setting. Normally it is for a couple in honeymoon. So it was a great treat for us.

We did not do much because Kristin got sick and was bed-ridden for most of our three night stay. But we explored Melia's private beach and walked around the Jetty Lounge. Foods were fantastic and delicious. The quality of sand at the beach was not as fine and white as the one we previous visited, but the emerald color water, due to the barrier reef far out into the ocean thus making the beach water pretty shallow, was the same.

It was a wonderful break and treat for us. Unfortunately I lost my digital camera and the computer that had all the photos at the same time. So my photos are limited to those which I posted on the Facebook. - Jeffrey

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